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News items

Superb events within a week!

On Sunday October 1st the now traditional fish & chips luncheon was a massive success with 107 guests not just enjoying the food on offer but MC/Comedian Jed Stone ran the show in slick and humorous fashion.

Organiser Keith Johnstone with quite a bit of help from Mike Williamson can be delighted at the way the guests embraced the occasion and Lauren Worrall and her friend were once again superb serving the fish & chips in rapid fashion and selling the raffle tickets.

On Friday October 6th the function room was full once more, this time for the Juniors Presentation and Race Night. Chairman Ian Gatenby made sure that he had every race sponsored and he was like a dog with a bone in selling sponsorship – and this year’s event was possibly the best ever? Parents, grandparents and relations supported the youngsters in fantastic style and it really was a friendly and lively night.

Former Chairman Dave Worrall handed out the Trophies to all of the age groups. Juniors Manager Russ Noble and staunch Committee man and Club sponsor Antony Lee played their parts as did Steve Midgley – albeit Steve had the task of serving the chips!

There were of course many individual winners but the biggest winner was Cricket at Juniors level as the support, the good-feel factor and overall positivity was marvellous to witness – and both events helped keep the Cricket Section’s coffers ticking over.

The 'Three Amigos' - Brian, Lloyd and Donovan were at the fabulous fish & chips luncheon

Cleck’s popular ‘enigma’ bids farewell

Just hours after the Club paid a tribute to the departing teas lady Anne Wood it is with great sadness that we say farewell to another popular character in Ian Nicholson.

Changes are afoot at Cleck’ and thankfully the Club remains in the ECB Bradford Cricket Premier League and for the first time in ten years ‘Eor’ as Ian is often called will be missing from the First Team sheet. His Dad Neil played for the Club for a number of seasons and assisted this season whilst Ian’sbrother Mally is the new Captain for next term having also been at Moorend for the last decade.

The Nicholson family, as with the Wood family (John and his brother Ian and their mum Anne being part of the furniture at Cleck’) have given so much to the Club. Ian has decided to call it a day but admits he has wonderful memories of his time at Moorend and the over-riding memory from supporters and members is of a player who on his day was a batsman as good as anyone to watch albeit frustratingly inconsistent but never-the-less highly rated and undoubtedly talented. “Lightcliffe was my last game forCleck’,” revealed Ian. “I have loved my time at Cleck’ and to be honest I could not see me playing for any other Club. We have had some ups and downs like the last couple of years but the highlights for me have to be the years when we won two Titles and were in the Priestley Cup Final. The side we had was very good.”

Despite his early ‘retirement’ Eor admits he won’t be able to stay away from the Club. “I will still be down to watch nearly every home game,” he added. “Cleck’ is a good Club and my kids enjoy going to the games.”

For 25 years Dave Worrall was the Cricket Chairman until handing over the reins to Ian Gatenby andEor acknowledges Dave’s role in the Club’s success. “I would like to thank Dave who signed me forCleck’ and has pushed the Club forward,” commented Eor. “I’d like to thank all of the lads I’ve played with and one thing I’ll miss most is the craic we have in the changing room. In there you cannot hide and everyone gets it! I’d like to say good luck also to all of the lads for next season and I’ll see you for a beer or two.”

Ian’s brother Mally added; “Eor will be missed by us all and especially in the changing room. He has been great to play alongside and winning two Titles with my brother were real highlights.”

Ian will be much missed but he’s successful in business alongside Mally, he has a superb family and a great deal to look forward to in the future and with recollections of a cricket career that has seen him, highly-rated and a very popular man.

Ian Nicholson departs Cleck' with his reputation intact and fantastic memories for all at Moorend of a much-loved character

Yorkshire Day photos

Dave Worrall kindly forwarded the photos seen below of the Cricket Section’s version of ‘Yorkshire Day’ held at Moorend on Sunday July 30th – and the event was extremely enjoyable.

Lauren Worrall and her two friends were absolute stars on Yorkshire Day serving the food

Steve and Viv Wilson are always supportive of Club events

Dave Worrall's guests enjoyed their afternoon out

Two elegant 'Yorkshire ladies' Angie Ainsworth and Emma Wood

Cleck's Club Captain John Wood and several players supported 'Yorkshire Day' (the lady pictured was a guest of the saxophonist)

Roger Banks and his guests definitely enjoyed their day!

Comedian John Lory was excellent and better when facing the audience!!

Yorkshire Day was a reight success!!

Sunday July 30th may not have been the 'official' Yorkshire Day but Cleck' made it there's and the day was a great success.

Saxophonist Tim Clarke, Magician David Linacre and Comedian John Lory made the afternoon a fantastic occasion but arguably the main stars were Anne WoodJoyceLaurenBridghinPoppey andCara who cooked and served the traditional Sunday Lunch both professionally and courting many compliments from guests that totalled 97 on the day.

Just hours after the event Saxophonist Tim e-mailed the following;

“I'd like to thank your Club formally for not just booking me to play today at Cleckheaton but also for Lorraine and I to be involved in what was such a hugely enjoyable occasion.  The food was excellent, and the other contributors - the magician was phenomenal, the comedian made me cry more than for a long time – they were just top-notch. So thanks again for a fantastic afternoon!” Tim

Thanks Tim and thank you to everyone who attended and made the day a special occasion.

Magician David Linacre went down extremely well at Cleck' on Sunday

Cleck’ stalwart receives deserved accolade

Bob Shackleton has been handed a service to cricket award from the YCB.

The veteran Cleck’ Cricket President and long serving administrator and former Chief Executive Officer of the Bradford League has been highly commended by the hierarchy serving Yorkshire.

Yorkshire cricket hosted their annual outstanding service to cricket awards on Sunday July 23rd at Headingley with Bob a worthy recipient of recognition.

Yorkshire Cricket Board Chairman Chris West commented; “It is humbling and inspiring to hear of the commitment and energy being given voluntarily to the game of cricket.”

Now in his 80s, ‘Shack’ remains active in so many ways still assisting the League and Cleck’ and much of Bob’s work goes unnoticed as he is a solid advisor, supports fund-raising at Moorend and is a true voice of experience.

Everyone at Cleck’ is delighted for a man who simply loves cricket!

Bob Shackleton usually hands out awards - for once he is a deserved recipient

Ladies luncheon goes down a storm

Saturday’s ladies luncheon that in the main was a Rugby supported event in terms of guests but benefits the Cricket Section - went down an absolute storm!

Around 65 ladies attended, seven from the Cricket Section that made the afternoon a wonderful occasion. Let’s make no bones about this there’s a lot of work to be done both on and off-the-field not least with effort from everyone to make sure that Cleckheaton Cricket Club survives before we even think of thriving.

However, we have to pay tribute to the Cricket Section Captain’s mum Anne Wood and her granddaughter Kate, who is Skipper John Wood’s daughter of course, along with Maxine Speight who all worked tirelessly in the kitchen from 8:30am until late afternoon and with a great deal of assistance from the Sports Club Chair Lady, Elaine Binns who got ‘stuck in.’

The afore-mentioned ladies were brilliant – and thank you to them.

Their efforts along with Club Manager Richard Firth were awesome and go a long way towards assisting with the Cricket Section’s financial commitments.

During the luncheon one lady who was sat on Karen Porritt’s table said to one member; “I’ve never been here before but it’s brilliant.” Another lady remarked about the tables set up and general ambience in the function room by adding; “It looks like a wedding reception.” A host of ladies remarked on the quality of the food, which is a true compliment and credit to those involved.

If 'Yorkshire Day' is as successful as the 'Ladies Luncheon' everyone will be delighted!

Mally announced as Captain for 2018!

Following a meeting on Thursday evening between the current Cleck’ Captain John Wood, Vice-CaptainMally Nicholson and the Cricket Chairman Ian Gatenby alongside former Chairman Dave Worrall it was decided to make early positive moves for next term.

Mally is appointed Captain for the 2018 season and Nick Lindley will be his Vice-Captain with Woodycontinuing his playing career.

After more than a decade with the Club, Mally has shown dedication and loyalty to Cleck’ and deserves the opportunity and he will be greatly supported by Nick who in a short time since joining from Pudsey Congs has been an outstanding signing and a respected voice.

The additional plus is that Woody is still there to offer advice and support and with the bonus of being able to enjoy his game without pressure for the first time in 12 years!

The joint statement read; ‘Our aim is to win the League Championship once more.’

Overall, the consistency in personnel can only be in the Cricket Section’s favour.

Mally Nicholson ignores targeting the ceiling and reaches the sky!

Cleck’ rue Duckworth-less system!

Cleck’ tied a tense tussle at Townville with more questions than answers following the Duckworth Lewis ruling leading to a revised target for the hosts that had to be clarified for one hour and 30 minutes without a drop of rain falling during a prolonged tea interval.

Possibly the longest non rain interrupted tea interval in the history of the Bradford League occurred on Saturday May 27th whilst confusion reigned. Cleck’ batted first and posted 220-9 after 50 overs, which was rain interrupted early afternoon but without any suggestion of what was to follow.

Tea was taken at 5:05pm and play finally commenced at 6:35pm following lengthy discussions between the umpires, scorers and players as no-one seemed to fully appreciate what was happening. Calls to the Bradford League hierarchy were made and allegedly two officials came up with different target scores until 177 was the agreed figure. Even then on a shambolic afternoon the scoreboard read 177 was required by Townville for most of the game - with many spectators believing that 178 was needed to win until that was altered to 176 with Cleck’s Andy Gorrod seeking clarification from one of the umpires who confirmed that 177 was the score required to win the game, which was duly accepted.

Awais Ejaz was in the 'thick of the action' at Townville 48 hours before he was set to face his former Club East Bierley in a game that was abandoned due to wet weather

Prior to then the 90 minute tea break revealed the following;

  • Because Cleck’s run rate was at six an over when rain stopped play the visitor’s scorer Lee Speightconfirmed that the hosts would need to score 228 to win. That calculated assumption was eventually altered.
  • It transpired that Cleck’ should have declared on 43 overs to make it an equal contest – but there was no hint at that particular suggestion from anyone. Had that been the case the Cleck’ innings would have taken a different format.
  • Duckworth Lewis is a mathematical formulation designed to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a limited overs game. Part of Duckworth Lewis is that the target fluctuates and is affected by wickets taken that change the target. However, the target arrived at for Townville never changed!
  • There has to be sympathy for umpires Mr Andy Halliday and Mr Tony Tennant as they did their best to remain in control but appeared as bewildered as the rest of the players and spectators. Typical of the way the match unfolded there was a separate incident that witnessed an elderly spectator seemingly jump from her seat to avoid a high ball on the boundary edge and she collided with Cleck’s Awais Ejaz who was poised to take a catch that was, after in-depth discussions, given as a six. Should it have been a dead ball? As always umpires give an honest decision and there’s no suggestion of complaint just simply asking the question during an afternoon that asked far more questions than answers were given.

Whether it’s rules or websites – ‘keep it simple’ – should be the motto and as a professionally run outfitCleckheaton Cricket Club has a responsibility to seek clarification that those officials associated with the League fully understand Duckworth Lewis, which appears to be much more complicated than anticipated. If that comment is deemed as provocative then so was the 90 minute tea interval!

Sadly, events of the day overshadowed a hard fought albeit very strange contest with Nick Lindleyplaying a starring role scoring 110 runs whilst there was some tight bowling from the Cleck’ bowlers as well as excellent fielding.Townville ended on 176-9 as Skipper John Wood bowled the final over taking 1-5 to ensure a hard-earned tie for Cleck’Woody took the mantle and his one and only over saw him ensure a deserved result of some sort. Cleck's players can take great credit in remaining focused as the late finish, which was close to 9pm, made fielding extremely difficult and one catch from Deeg's was first class as was the fielding overall.

Nick Lindley scored a superb century against Townville

Cleck's Seconds lost by six wickets at home to East Ardsley after being dismissed for 145.

Deeg’s points to positives

Andrew Deegan is Cleck’s reliable and more than useful spin bowler who can also bat a bit and he is sufficiently qualified to give a considered opinion of the Club’s slow start to the new term.

The following thoughts are those of Deeg’s in his own words; “From the outside looking in it would seem that the signs are not looking good for Cleckheaton Cricket Club but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Whilst we are still yet to win a game there has been some real positives to take from the defeats and I do not think we are far away from putting a run together.

Our bowling has been a mixed bag. At times we have bowled really well such as on Sunday in the Cup against Pudsey St Lawrence and at other times we have struggled to bowl in the right areas, build pressure and take wickets. Qaiser Ashraf our oversees is looking like a very good bowler capable of taking wickets and keeping things tight. Our bowling seems to be improving with every game. We just have to make sure that continues.

Our batting as a team has not actually been too bad. If you had said in the first four games in April/May we would score 209, 121, 258, 207 you would normally take that before the season thinking anything over 200 is really competitive.

It has just been one of those starts. Mally 'MVP' Nicholson has started really well and the lower order has shown they can do their bit when needed. All we are missing is the top four to start occupying the crease for longer periods (Scoring runs is not an issue!) and I am sure that will come soon.

The lads are getting on well and enjoying their cricket. We just need a little bit of luck to turn the tables and get the ball rolling."

Deeg’s is one of a number of loyal Cleck’ players who have won two Championship medals in recent years and his opinions count for a great deal within the Club in-particular.

Andrew Deegan is a determined and respected character at Cleck'

Guess whose baby?

Yes, this is a cricket website but we're a family Club and who could possibly resist the above photo of little Alfie the new born to Dean Worrall and Angie Ainsworth!

Skipper advocates a warm welcome as new season dawns

Cleck’s long serving Captain John Wood has issued the following message ahead of the 2017 season.

“A warm welcome to all our supporters and opposition teams for the new 2017 season. There have been several changes to our side from last season and the new players are looking to make their mark on our side in the coming weeks.

The team looks well balanced and if everybody does their job to their ability I feel there could be a successful season ahead.

Over the decade or so I have been at the Club, the support from the committee and supporters has been unbelievable and has massively contributed to the success we have had as a team, particularly in winning the League on two occasions. I am sure this will continue this year and your encouragement is a massive bonus for all the players and the club as a whole. Once again we will continue to play cricket in the way it should be played, aggressive but with respect the officials and our opponents.

Although our aim is to win games we hope our brand of cricket continues to entertain our supporters as your numbers continue to grow. A massive thank you to Keith Johnstone and John Hawkesworth for all their hard work on the ground which currently looks in magnificent condition and all the people behind the scenes who work tirelessly to make the Club what it is today.”

Cleck' have prepared correctly pre-season

Ideal ‘work out’ at Jer Lane

On a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon at Jer Lane there was an additional hour to wait for players and supporters as the pre-announced 12 noon start actually witnessed the game commencing at 1:00pm.

Never-the-less a biting wind and occasional blustery showers between the odd bits of sun coming through didn’t spoil what was a very useful pre-season contest against a Halifax League outfit that had several highly rated outsiders representing them.

Cleck’s opening pair of Andy Gorrod and Nick Lindley linked up well and although looking comfortable,Nick was given out LBW for 33 trying a tempting sweep shot with the score 51-1. Andy had to concentrate and grind out his early runs before letting loose and retiring on 52 and with Skipper John Wood and his son Joe on holiday and the overseas awaiting international clearance, Abu Dawood came in at number three and the young man captured from Buttershaw St Paul’s notched 28 runs before being stumped and his lively running between the wickets was impressive as was his overall demeanour at the crease.

Joe Robinson was out caught behind and Ian Nicholson retired having made 40 excellent runs. Mally Nicholson got in to the thirties and batted out what ended up being 35 overs apiece game and Elliot Hallas had a breezy cameo knock of 14 runs.

Cleck’s innings ended on 215-4.

Curtis Free took an early wicket bowling the opposition’s opener without a run on the scoreboard. Jer Lane were eventually all out for 188 including four wickets for Sam Wilson and three for Curtis and a couple for the new boy Awais Ejaz who signed from East Bierley during the winter. The bowlers were helped in no small way by three catches taken by Robbo' that proves how important good fielding is when it comes to achieving a positive result.

Sam Wilson is a tremendous bowler and all round character who is patient and able to 'allow time to just pass him by'!

Congratulations to Jer Lane who were excellent hosts and their ground looks in good condition and with a nets practice facility that is as good as it comes, they provided a good day out for Cleck’s players and supporters.

After Saturday’s friendly Cleck' received the following e-mail from Mr James Nixon on behalf of Jer Lane CC.

He wrote; “I have been asked by the Jer Lane committee to thank Cleckheaton CC for supporting yesterday's friendly fixture. It's always nice to welcome Clubs whose paths wouldn't normally cross. TheCleckheaton players are a credit to your Club. Please pass on our thanks. Good luck for the coming season.”

Those kind sentiments are very much reciprocated.

As far as Cleck’s concerned the way that both openers acquitted themselves in difficult conditions and how well Ian Nicholson played, it augurs well for the future and a real plus could be the young man nicknamed Abs who may have joined the Club with Second team cricket in mind but he showed enough quality on his debut to serve notice that there’s a capable player waiting in the wings.

Curtis has lost two stone in weight and he looked trim and firing on all cylinders with an impressive opening bowler to partner him in Awais.

It may have only been a friendly game but it was a very important work out on grass for the team that owes great thanks to Sam’s willingness to make the arrangements and he bowled well on the day taking four wickets – albeit he might wish to check his watch works!!

Nick Lindley looked solid batting alongside Andy Gorrod at Jer Lane

New Covers set for Cleck’

Thanks to the advice of Sports Club member John Archer who pointed the Cricket Section in the right direction - a grant has been submitted and confirmed by the ECB that means Cleck’ will have additional top quality covers to enhance those already in the Club’s possession.

When the covers will be with the Club remains in the air but everything is in place with the ground in fine fettle overall for the new term.

John Archer (pictured right alongside groundsman Keith Johnstone with committee member Steve Midgley in the background) is one of the Sports Club's stalwarts and a true friend of the Cricket Section

Spirits high at Cleck’, reveals Mally

Mally Nicholson is set for his first ever season as the Club’s vice-captain and the long-serving wicketkeeper/batsman who will be the number two to Skipper John Wood is adamant that the morale within the team is better than ever!

“There is a great team spirit developing,” admitted Mally. “The crack between the lads is better than ever.Nick Lindley is looking good in the nets as is Andy Gorrod and I am looking forward to seeing them bat together.”

Without wishing to be disrespectful to last season’s overseas opening bowler Mohammed Bilawal, who was a very popular and a likeable young man, he wasn’t able to make the transition to Bradford League Cricket with any real impact and in many ways it affected his opening bowling partner Curtis Free but this term Mally believes things will be different especially with the capture of fast bowler Awais Ejaz. “Curtis looks fit and very strong in the nets, which is good as we are going to need him and Awais to take early wickets,” he added. “It will be also good to get back outside and playing on grass and like all the lads I can’t wait to get started and hopefully win some silverware for Cleck’.”

Mally has been at Cleck’ for over a decade alongside his brother Ian Nicholson, who it should be remembered finished last season with a flourish and the guys will be joined by their Dad, Neil Nicholsonwho might be in the twilight days of his career and only play when needed - but the one-time Yorkshire CCC batsman, who has re-joined the Club from Bankfoot following a successful period at Moorendseveral years ago, remains a respected voice around the place.

The Nicholson family are very much an integral part of what occurs at Cleck’.

Cleck's new vice-captain Mally Nicholson is an influential character at Moorend

Ball Sponsors still required!

A simple and value for money way to assist the Club is becoming a ball sponsor with a person (or a company) name appearing in the match day programme for an allocated contest and already twelve individuals have agreed such a deal.

However, with potential Cup games and Seconds’ contests there is still room for more and for £50 it is superb value. Anyone wishing to put their name forward please contact any Cricket Committee member and especially Secretary Bob Speight who is overseeing the programme for the second successive season, a task he undertook for many years previously.

Current ball sponsors includes;  Skipper John Wood and former Chairman Dave Worrall In addition; Sam GatenbyKevin MitchellNick Wagstaff – ATA buildersMatthew StephensonRoger Banks (from Mr Scratchings) Richard Oakey - Barry (local fish & chips proprietor)Susan Stanley -  Jim (loyal supporter)

The afore-mentioned includes a real mixed bag and thanks to everyone who has pledged their money as such support is invaluable.

Match ball sponsors for Cleck's home games assists the Club greatly

‘Cool’ committee man recovering well

Lloyd Campbell was taken ill just recently and rushed to hospital after collapsing in Cleckheaton but he’s now back home and doing just fine.

The West Indies born one-time local fast bowler is now in his early 80s but still looks much younger and he is always very smart with an ability to carry off clothes of someone half his age.

Equally, Lloyd is a true gentleman and someone who has helped out on the Cricket Committee doing sterling work for a number of years by selling tickets, attending events, working on the gate, overseeing duties on the ground to name just a few examples. He has also a great knowledge of the game and gives good advice to many of the side's players.

Sadly, Lloyd’s failing eyesight might curtail some of his future exploits but the good news for everyone atCleck’ is that he is in his own home and in good spirits and looking forward to the cricket season.

Lloyd pictured sat between his good friends and fellow Cleck' followers Brian and Donovan

One of India’s greatest off spinners remembers Cleck’

Kanwaljeet Singh mesmerised Bradford League opponents with his off spin playing for Cleck’ over two decades ago and the man with a fabulous Cricket pedigree - to this day remains in touch with the Club’s former Cricket Chairman Dave Worrall and never forgets the influence that playing at Moorend had on his career. “Having played for a team like Cleckheaton it made me a better player,” admitted Kanwaljeet. “I along with my family still relish the hospitality rendered to us while our stay in Bradford.”

Kanwaljeet has earned himself the reputation as one of his Country’s greatest off-spinners ever produced and nowadays he is an influential figure in the IPL. He said; “In the past I was with Deccan Chargers as assistant coach for five years in the IPL from year 2008 to 2012. Darren Lehman was the Head Coach and we won the championship in 2009 when the tournament was held in South Africa. I was Director of Hyderabad cricket academy of excellence under the aegis of Hyderabad cricket association from 2013-2015. I have also been involved with National cricket academy (BCCI) and have been chief coach of central zone u-19 n south zone u-16 team for the past two years.”

The one-time Cleck’ overseas star added; "it’s been a wonderful journey so far and I am looking forward to getting some good assignment in future. I was also the coach of Hyderabad team for the Ranji Trophy championship around 2003-2004 the same year I was also coach of south zone team for the DuleepTrophy (national championship seniors).”

Kanwaljeet Singh respected both in his native India and at Cleckheaton

Great night had by all

Friday’s Annual Dinner held by the Cricket Section was a real success.

It’s not a case of ‘throwing bouquets’ but the 100 or so guests witnessed interesting and honest stories from Bradford City’s Greg Abbott and Radio Five Live's Chief Football reporter Ian Dennis and between them the duo brought a great deal of enthusiasm to Moorend.

The comedian John Lory was certainly different but arguably one of the best seen at the Club whilst MCJohn Collier is a slick operator who makes a difficult job appear easy.

John cajoled eleven guests to become ball sponsors as well as maximising the auction, which wasn’t particularly easy. Thanks go to everyone who attended and went out of their way to attend and hopefully those who were there will have gone home believing they got value for money.

A word also for the Sports Club Manager Paul Brooke and his staff who prior to the evening's event had to contend with around 400 guests post funeral and the turn around was made easy and credit has to go to Paul and the girls on the night who were polite, attentive and helpful with waitress service a big plus.

Steve Midgley and Antony Lee donated brilliant 'booze hampers' that were 'snapped up' both in the auction and the raffle at the Cricket Section Annual Dinner

Top, top night at Cleck’!

Kevin Kendricks made an immediate and lasting impression at Moorend on Saturday night with a top-drawer performance in front of a full function room of around 120 guests.

The evening was a success in every way and organiser Dave Worrall and his cricket committee can be proud of an evening that saw people dancing from the start, enjoying a pie & peas supper and in an atmosphere that was hectic but friendly and thoroughly enjoyable.

The soul and motown man was accompanied by an equally talented singer whilst the level of support around the room was incredible, from the bar staff and the girls serving food to Sports Club Manager Paul Brooke who's had a real baptism of fire to his first week or so at the helm but he too should be delighted at what was a magnificent event.

On the night, the Cricket section was well represented from within the camp with a number of First Team players there including Andrew Deegan’s table of 15 with members of his family enjoying a brilliant night, which was nice to see following their difficult last few months after the sad passing of Deeg’s mumSharon whose memory will remain with everyone at Cleckheaton Cricket Club.

Gary Blackburn and Martin Evans were other familiar faces that witnessed Dave Worrall’s family and friends accounting for around 30 guests plus his granddaughter Lauren did a sterling job collecting entrance money on the door and behind the counter in the kitchen.

Recently appointed Juniors Manager Russ Noble along with his son Steven sold raffle tickets in enthusiastic fashion whilst regulars such as the Cricket Chairman Ian Gatenby, committee memberSteve Midgley and his party gave their support and it was good to see former Sports Club Bar Manager Mick Collins able to enjoy his night without having to pull a few pints and Club stalwart Keith Johnstonewas leaning on the bar with a contenented grin all night!

And there were so many others too numerous to mention that made the evening simply fantastic!

The Kevin Kendricks night brought smiles to everyone's faces!

On Saturday June 17th the ladies luncheon takes place in conjunction with the Sports Club with more details to follow soon.

Thirty years on former Skipper and Chairman now in administrative role!

When Dave Worrall was the Captain of Windhill Cricket Club as a big hitting batsman during his mid-30s little did he know then - that in 2017 - he’d be overseeing a Saturday night fund-raising event in a purely administrative role.

But the former Cleck’ Chairman for over 20 years, who was once-upon-a-time in charge of a Windhillteam who had quite a few characters in their ranks as well as Dave being the figurehead on and off-the-field at Moorend for well over two decades, now sees himself acquiring guests for evenings with and dinners and the likes, a vital job that’s not to be sniffed at.

However, looking back to those halcyon Bradford League Second Division days, Dave was part of a decent second tier outfit and a side that had a great deal of fun and made a number of opponents run scared!

Former Somerset opener Tony Clarkson, who later became a First Class umpire, was a true gentleman and arguably one of the best ever players to play in the Bradford League as he oozed class. Paul Wiseman as everyone knows never shirked a challenge and his ferocious fast bowling was at times phenomenal! Dave was a leader who led by example and a batsman who’d rather be hit by a fast bowler and grin at his opponent rather than grimace but more often than not fell to the spinner after trying to send the ball in to Baildon from Shipley!!

Nowadays, Dave is content to hand over the Chairman reins at Cleck' to Ian Gatenby but he’s still very much involved and this Saturday’s fund-raising night looks set to go down an absolute storm!

The above outfit might not have won Titles or Trophies but they played hard, entertaining cricket and made sure that bar proceeds were plentiful!

Sponsorship comes from many angles!

Without sponsors the Cricket Section would flounder financially and the Club is grateful to a number of contributors.

Stanley Cars are in their fourth term as the Main Sponsor whilst Carr Mills Business CentreThe Counting House and Leading Edge along with Mr Scratchings has given additional support and now players Mally and Ian Nicholson have come on board.

The afore-mentioned have given Cleck’ a tremendous foundation on which to build with continued fund-raising. On that particular subject the Kevin Kendricks evening is going well with around 70 promises to date but more numbers are required! The First Team in general alongside player Andrew Deegan have put in a mammoth effort with Deeg's having 15 guests and the players accounting for at least 10 guests and organiser Dave Worrall has managed to bring together his family and friends to swell the numbers.

The Cleck' Annual Dinner on Friday March 3rd is open to bookings with full details under the Events Section.

It is hoped for a full house in the function room on Saturday Feb' 4th

The Club thanks also one-time sponsors Robert Watts' Estate Agents for their support in past years, which has now ceased and many others have given support previously and the door is always open for previous sponsors and of course newcomers as the Cricket Section at Cleck' and the Bradford Leagueprogresses.

**Both Mally and Ian Nicholson are proprietors of a successful carpet fitting business and they have very kindly put something back in to the Club by agreeing a sponsorship deal, which is a brilliant gesture from the guys**

Brothers, teammates and also business partners Mally and Ian Nicholson are amongst the Cricket Section's sponsors

Nico’ returns to Cleck’

Neil Nicholson has agreed to rejoin Cleck’ from Bankfoot CC.

The 53-year-old former Yorkshire CCC batsman who was on the County’s books between 1983 to 1990 enjoyed a number of years in the Bradford League representing the likes of East Bierleywhilst Neilplayed for Cleck’ for several seasons until 2010.

The father of Cleck’s loyal and talented players Mally and Ian Nicholson is expected to ‘step in’ as and when required and he is a welcome addition to the Club’s squad at Moorend.

Neil is extremely popular and highly regarded at Cleck’ and just to have Nico’ around the place is a big plus as he knows the game of cricket inside out and his experience will prove to be invaluable.

When asked his thoughts on returning to Cleck’ Neil simply said; “It’s good to be back at Cleck’ and I’m looking forward to my return and helping in any way possible.”

Neil Nicholson last pictured in a Cleck' shirt around six years ago

Louis introduces Zulu Sports to Cleck’

Louis Aspeling is a man well known to the Cricket Section at Moorend having been with Cleck’ almost nine years ago as an overseas batsman and his reputation as a decent man enhanced the Club’s decision to put their trust in a company he represents that promises good quality clothing and cricket items at affordable prices.

The following statement has been kindly put forward by Louis; “The concept and idea of creating the brand ‘Zulu Sports’ started back in 2015. Looking around all the Clubs in the Drakes Huddersfield League and beyond we came to the realisation that most Clubs have mixed feelings towards suppliers, in regards receiving an affordable product but not neglecting quality. We also noticed how bigger brands out in the marketplace were crippling already struggling Clubs with they're inflated prices and numerous set up costs. So we decided on offering the following;

All our set up services are free.

We have two options that rewards’ Clubs for joining us online. These are as follows;

A raffle bat or eleven free short sleeve playing shirts on placing a bulk order of forty plus garments.

When I received a call from Cleck’s Captain John Wood to discuss the potential of becoming the Club’s supplier, the brand could not be more excited of the prospect. I myself had great memories spending the 2008 season as their overseas.  Back then I can recall a Club sticking to their ‘guns’ and pride themselves in doing it right when others didn't. Straight honest folk!

Zulu Sports already have some top Clubs on board and having Cleck’ on our books would really get us noticed by others in the Bradford League, hence the recent signing of Scholes CC and Jer Lane CCalso just recently.

John was particular on what himself/the Club and his team wanted and we were more than happy to accommodate him in his requests.

Louis Aspeling pictured during his time at Cleck' in 2008

As we enter 2017 exciting changes have been taking place and new additions and options can be offered now to our customers.

We offer a bespoke design service which gives us an edge over other competitors out there. All our garments and manufacturing duties are UK based, thus supporting our ever changing British economy.

We are now able to manufacture and design clothing for any sport type on the market.

Zulu will be following Cleckheaton CC this season with great interest and is looking forward to see the boys hopefully picking up silverware wearing the Zulu brand.

All the best for the forthcoming season!!”

Louis represents Zulu Sports a company that guarantees good quality and service

Youngsters’ progress is massive boost

For many years Juniors Manager Ian Gatenby oversaw the development of a number of talented youngsters with a lot of hard work going in to the fine reputation that Cleck’ has for looking after young players’ best interests, which is not always just about cricket but part of their development in to becoming decent adults and that ethos is set to continue under Russ Noble.

Gats has stepped up to become Cleck’s Cricket Chairman but his replacement is a Club man through and through and Russ has worked alongside Ian for many years coaching the kids and his appointment was always a ‘no brainer’ and in recent times the assistance of Director of Youth Development Mark Harrison has enhanced the Juniors section’s reputation.

In addition, Seconds' Captain Chris Dobson has the on-field job of nurturing the skills of his players and he is definitely the type of loyal and iconic figure to compliment the abilities of GatsRuss and Mark.

It is unfair to heap pressure on the youngsters coming through the ranks but the current set-up atMoorend is in a good state.

Dobby has shared responsibilty for the young players' development

Cleck’s kids show the way

The brilliant work of Ian GatenbyMark Harrison and Russ Noble is paying dividends with the Juniors and news of the following;

Selected for the Bradford Junior League sides for 2017:

U13 – Alex Midgley and Bilal Butt

U15 – Ethan Lee

Selected for Yorkshire Pathways Elite Programme (Bronze)

U14/15 – Alex Midgley and Ethan Lee

Other boys from Cleck’ are in the pipeline to be selected at U11 & U17 levels with news to follow.AlexEthan and Bilal are just three of a number of exciting prospects at Moorend without heaping too much pressure on young men who should be able to enjoy their cricket.

Over the years the Juniors Section has brought through a number of gifted and loyal young players and in 2013 Joe Robinson was a Championship medal winner having been with the Club since nine years of age and next season Joe Wood has his chance to shine in the First Team after progressing through the Juniors.

Many other Juniors players have gone on to succeed at Senior level including the Walmsley duo ofMarcus and Eddie whilst Sam Gatenby appears to have a promising future and he'll be handed a First Team spot in 2017 at Scholes CC.

The two 'Joe's' Robbo' and Woody are pictured above with their 'minder' big hitting Elliott Hallas

Dobby highlights progress of younger players

Chris Dobson, who is Cleck’s veteran of well over two decades and the current Second Team Skipper, is full of hope for his team in 2017 as well as praising the efforts of a number of the younger element. The words of Dobby in full are as follows; “It makes a nice change to be preparing for a new season after having a relatively successful season last year. Due to a couple of games being ruined by the weather when we were in good positions and a couple of other games where we had a lot of our regular players on holiday we didn’t manage to top the league but all in all we had a very good season and hopefully will be able to build on that in 2017.

Success as a Second team isn’t just measured in results on the pitch and this season we’ll be missing two of our outstanding players of the past few years as Joe Wood takes a spot in our First Team and Sam Gatenby moves to Scholes to open the batting in their First Team. Both Joe and Sam started playing in my first season as Captain which by my reckoning would have made them 12/13 years old and it’s been a pleasure watching them go from there to being two of our key batsmen and bowlers. I’m sure they’ll both do well this season although, of course, Sam will be playing for a much inferior captain!  Five years ago it wasn’t easy coming into our Seconds as a youngster as we were regularly getting beaten and very often the only over 18 in the side was myself and it’s to their great credit that they stuck with it and that their hard work has paid off.

It will, obviously, be difficult to replace those two but Joe Robinson and Shahid Rehman will start the season moving up the order – in previous years Shahid has done a great job at number five but last year with the top order performing so much better he ended up being wasted at five so he ought to have more opportunity to influence the game further up the order especially now we have five less overs to bat.

Richard Noble will take Sam’s place opening the batting with myself – Rich’ scored a lot of runs in junior representative and third team cricket last year, including a number of centuries, as well as looking very good in his few Second team innings so he will get a chance to show what he can do at a higher level.

Cricket Chairman Ian Gatenby shows his 'cheeky' side! - alongside his son Sam with Joe Robinson in the foreground and Elliott Hallas and Craig Blackburn in the background

Atta Rehman had an excellent first full season with the ball last season and he will be taking Joe’s place opening the bowling (even though he did it a lot last year anyway) and I am sure he will do a great job.Sam Bailey also did well last season when taking the pace off the ball as a change bowler and bowled some excellent spells including match-winning ones at Idle and Scholes.  The reduced overs will also mean he won’t have to bowl fifteen overs in an innings this year which I’m sure will make him happy!

In his first season as wicket keeper Elliott Hallas won the league wicket keeping award as well as playing some match changing innings and with the reduction of overs he’ll probably be moving up the order as well so that we don’t waste him too far down the order.  If he can carry on from last year we should expect some big scores made quickly.

Elliott Hallas joined by his fellow 'likely lads'

In the few games he played last year Ethan Lee was regularly the best fielder in the side as well as playing some good innings with the bat and having an excellent attitude so he will become much more of a regular player this year as, I expect, will Alex Midgley – hopefully it will be a little bit easier for these lads, and any other juniors that come into the side this year, than it was for the likes of Joe and Sam as we have a much older and more confident side. Both lads had some good performances in the thirds so should be confident of being able to make contributions in the Seconds this year.

We will also be losing the services of Bryan Telfer for this season as I believe he’s joining Jimmy Lee atBankfoot.  Bryan signed for us when we were struggling for players and bowled some top spells for us over the years and even though work commitments made him unavailable for a lot of games it was always good to have him around and we all wish him the best of luck.

Due to work and family commitments I’ve had very little opportunity to think about the 2017 season let alone try and sign new players so there’s no news on that front – as I’ve mentioned we will be using this year to give more of our juniors opportunities however it would be good to also sign one or two new players however I have no free time to think about such things until the beginning of April!

All in all the only thing not to look forward to for 2017 is the amount of travelling we’ll have to do for away games but apart from that we ought to be expecting another good season."

Dobby (on the right) pictured with Steve Midgley and Antony Lee whose sons Alex and Ethan will be part of the Club's Seconds' side for 2017

Highlights of 2016

  • Dave Worrall resigned as the Cricket Chairman but continues an active role on the Cricket committee.
  • Juniors Manager Ian Gatenby is Dave’s ideal replacement with long-serving Russ Noble stepping in to Gats’ shoes.
  • John Wood extended his term as First Team Captain at least for one more season.
  • Mrs Anne Wood has agreed to continue making superb teas once again for at least one more term, which is a major plus.
  • Andrew Gale the former Cleck’ star and the Captain and now Head Coach of Yorkshire CCC held his inaugural benefit year dinner at Moorend that began a successful year for Galey
  • Keith Johnstone and nine other Cleck’ members and friends attended Galey’s unforgettable benefit dinner at Lord’s in November.
  • Jimmy LeeChris HollidayMohammed Bilawal and Sam Gatenby leave the Club with Sam in the position of being able to further his already good progress at Scholes CC and all of the guys leave the Club with everyone's genuine best wishes.
  • Awais EjazNick Lindley and overseas all rounder Qaiser Ashraf agree terms for the 2017 season whilst former juniors and second team youngster Joe Wood is promoted to the First Team for next season.
  • Mally Nicholson is rewarded with the Vice-Captaincy role following ten years of loyal service.
  • Mick Collins the Sports Club’s dedicated Bar Manager is set to depart and with the best wishes of the Cricket Section for all of his assistance over the years.

Plenty to look forward to in 2017

Mally looks forward to his new role

The decision by Captain John Wood with the approval of the Cricket committee to hand the Vice-Captain’s role to long-serving wicketkeeper/batsman Mally Nicholson was probably an easy appointment in terms of the player’s pedigree.

Mally has not only been loyal to Cleck’ for the last ten seasons but his tremendous playing qualities are matched by his will to win and the fact that he seems to know just about everyone that’s worth knowing in local cricket!

Mally’s knowledge on the game and his contacts are as good as anyone’s in the Bradford League and as number two to Woody he is delighted to take the responsibility of Vice-Captain for the 2017 season. “I am looking forward to next season,” admitted Mally. “I was happy to accept the role of Vice-Captain whenWoody asked me. I believe we have got the right team to hopefully bring some silverware to the Club.”

Indoor nets commence in February and Mally is always a keen participant – at least when work commitments allows and his new role has gone down well with everyone at Moorend who have the greatest respect for a quality cricketer and a man determined to succeed.

Mally Nicholson doesn't miss a trick from behind the stumps and he's an ideal Vice-Captain

Exciting kit opportunity at Cleck’

The Cricket Section’s Committee has given the thumbs up to a fabulous opportunity for players, members and supporters to purchase quality good at affordable prices.

Zulu Sports are the suppliers’ name and their figurehead is Louis Aspeling who played for the Club more than a decade ago but he’s now on board as Cleck’s latest freelance off-the-field acquisition.

Seconds’ Skipper and our technical expert Chris Dobson has provided an opportunity on the Club’s website for items to be purchased that will be made simple and easy with Cleck's name set to be added soon.

The relevant website can be found by going to; www.zulu999cricket.co.uk

Once again, Cleck’s committee have shown forward thinking and the latest deal is beneficial for purchasers and the Club also - that will receive commission benefits from the company for sales made.

Louis Aspeling is set to assist Cleck' providing quality kit

Andy looks forward to new opening partner

Andy Gorrod has become a regular and popular member of Cleck’s team over the last few years and although the 2016 season wasn’t his best at the Club he remains a pivotal player in the team. For the 2017 season he will have a new opening partner in Nick Lindley and Andy cannot wait to get started.

“I am really Looking forward to opening with Nick next year he’s been one of the top openers in the Bradford League since he started in the League,” commented Andy. “He’s someone who will graft and not give his wicket away, which is something we need after last season. He balances the top order well and hopefully will score plenty of runs at Cleck’. I don’t see why he cannot score 1,000 runs if the weather allows.”

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