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Club Events Calendar
Categories: General
      Date: Jun 24, 2019
     Title: Club Events Calendar

On Saturday July 13th the now traditional 'Ladies Luncheon' is booked and with more than a lot of support from the Sports Club and starring comedienne Nina Gilligan. There are other dates for the diary including a sponsors day on August 31st - PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

Saturday July 13th witnesses the 'Ladies Luncheon' that includes a fabulous home made lunch made by the Club's resident expert Anne Wood - the brilliant comedienne Nina Gilligan provides entertainment. The cost is £20 per person
On Saturday August 31st the Cricket Section invites sponsors to an afternoon and evening of celebration - with details to follow.

There are several confirmed dates for the diary. Including, a golf day on Friday August 23rd that is being organised by First Team Skipper Mally Nicholson with full details to follow soon but the committee in unison thanks Mally for his tremendous efforts and promises full backing.

Saturday August 31st witnesses a sponsors day at Moorend.

On Friday October 4th the Juniors Presentation and race night will be held at the Club and two days later Keith Johnstone and Mike Williamson fronts the now regular and popular Fish & Chips Day, which will be held on Sunday October 6th.

Dave Worrall is hoping to confirm an evening with the fabulous entertainer/singer Kevin Kendrick, which is planned for Saturday February 15th.

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