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Mally Nicholson's Column

Jul 1, 2021

Captain's Corner

At the beginning of the 2021 term, Mally reviwed last year.

Mally admits to a ‘weird season’

Cleck’s Skipper Mally Nicholson revealed that whilst the 2020 season has been strange there’s also been a number of positives and he said: “The end of a weird season has finally come to an end. Probably or hopefully something we will never experience again.

From the beginning of this season we knew we had a few players missing obviously Nick Lindley and Nick Walker are big players for us but it’s been good to give young lads a go like Joe Pyrah and Richard Noble.

I’ve been really impressed with Joe and I’m sure he will be a Cleck’ first team player in years to come.”

When asked if the Cleck’ Captain had a preference for the ‘normal’ 50 overs game or this term’s 40 overs, he was in no doubt. “I have much preferred the 40 over game as I think it benefits a lot of people with family’s and I’m sure if we would have a lot more players carrying on playing rather than calling it a day.” commented Mally. “The extra two hours can take it to getting home at half nine or ten rather than been at home at eight.”

It has been well documented that the Cleck’ Skipper needs a knee operation that due to the Covid situation has been put on hold but Mally is confident of being fit for the 2021 season. “I’m hoping to be fit for next season but it really depends on me getting my operation in time well before Christmas and hoping my rehab’ goes well,” he said. “I won’t be rushing it to play and make sure I’m fully ready before I do.”

Cleck’ has introduced a number of newcomers this season and everyone has impressed the Cleck’ Captain. “I’ve been really happy with how Kris Ward, Toby Booth and Ian Carradice have settled in,” admitted Mally. “It has been good to have Iain Wardlaw back and he’s been bowling really well so hoping we can really push on next year. For next year it will be good to have Nick Lindley back and also one other player hopefully an all-rounder to keep everyone on their toes and know that people need to perform to keep their place in the side.”

In the final analysis Mally concluded by saying: “It’s been really enjoyable this season and all the lads have enjoyed it it’s a good atmosphere back at the Club even in these strange time’s it’s good to see all the lads have a beer after the game win or lose.

Hopefully we can kick on next year and bring some overdue silverware back to Moorend for all the hardworking committee members and supporters who help week in week out.”

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