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Mally Nicholson's Column

Jan 20, 2019

Captain's Corner

Well where do I start?

I feel we did well in 2018 and hopefully we can kick on in 2019. There is a great atmosphere around the Club at the minute from the Juniors, Second team and the First team the Club is all as one.

We have been able to keep a great core of players with Nick Lindley, Toby Thorpe, Nick Walker, Johnny Whiteoak and Josh Thurwell and also some loyal and committed players in Andrew Deegan and John Wood who will, I know, both agree that the atmosphere last year was similar to when we enjoyed our cricket and won our League Titles.

We are starting to build a side that within the next few years hopefully will see us get back to winning Trophies.

Next season we have two new signings and Andy Gorrod is making a comeback.

We have signed Azeem Rafiq who will do a great job for us batting top five and bowling plenty of overs, Deeg’s and he will be a great partnership with the ball. Craig Fletcher who I have been trying to get to come sign for a few years will bat middle order and will bowl first change.

Mally pays tribute to his loyal spinner Andrew Deegan

Last but not least – Andy - who I’m glad is committing for next year as I feel he is a quality batter and one of the best fielders in the League.

With Tom Kohler-Cadmore playing when he can I feel as though the squad we have built for this season can really push on and not just this season but over the next few seasons.

I would like to thank the lads who played a part for us last season in Tayyab Tahir who was a class act. And Joe Robinson who has helped us out now for a few seasons - and he will play a bigger part for our Seconds.

Also I would like to mention Ethan Lee and Alex Midgley who stepped up when we needed them last season and Sam Bailey also who helped out.

As he continues to progress Alex Midgley is a candidate to be a future First Team player

Hopefully in future years we can bring on Ethan and Alex and they will will playing in our First team winning Trophies.

Ethan Lee has all the attributes to become a regular First Team player in the not too distant future

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